We employ staff accredited by CIBSE to carry out TM44 airconditioning inspections as required by the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive. These are now mandatory for all buildings with a total cooling capacity of above 12kW – this means that any building with more than three or four “split” airconditioners is likely to need an inspection.

We have carried out TM44 Air Conditioning Inspections to over 100 hospitals and 17 universities, as well as numerous other buildings. 

Air conditioning systems are major users of energy. We usually find low cost ways to reduce their running costs during an inspection, and, provided that our advice is implemented, the cost of the inspection is soon recovered in energy savings.

We are accredited to provide Energy Performance Certificates (EPC) for commercial buildings. An EPC is now a requirement for all buildings (with a few minor exceptions) when they are constructed, sold or let.

Air conditioning Inpection Reports and EPC’s must be accompanied by an Advisory Report.

As CIBSE accredited Low Carbon Energy Assessors we are able to ensure that the the Advisory Reports we produce are relevant to the building, helping the client to understand the areas in which efforts to reduce carbon emissions of the building should be concentrated. A sample of one of our reports can be found here.