Kensington house services design

We were appointed by Capita Construction in August 2020 to carry out the design of all the mechanical and electrical services for a large house refurbishment in Kensington. The design included smart heating controls, continuous extract ventilation and pressurised domestic water services. Having the systems designed by a professional engineer meant that the client was able to invite tenders for the work secure in the knowledge that all contractors would be quoting for the same job.  Status: Completed.

NHS Trust various heating upgrades 

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust apppointed us to carry out the design and management of various heating upgrades. These included the complete replacement of heating and hot water plant to a number of properties, and the troubleshooting and subsequent remedial works to the heating at a mental health facility.

Royal Parks Heating

We were appointed by the incumbent facilities contractor to design the replacement of boilers to the Hub, a sports centre at Regents Park.

NHS Trust Eating Disorders Ward

Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust apppointed us to carry out the design of electrical and mechanical  services for the refurbishment of a hospital ward.

NHS Trust Heating and Hot Water

We were asked to provide an additional boiler and HWS plate heat exchanger to a residence for vulnerable adults in Epsom, Surrey. A low cost solution, which used three boilers to provide N+1 resilience to the heating and hot water circuits while ensuring that boilers could operate at the most efficient part of their cycle was achieved by means of a link between primary heating and HWS circuits.

Tropical Fish Farm

Client – Neil Hardy Aquatica, Surrey We provided a concept design and energy advice for a tropical fish farm. Key features included underfloor heating coupled with ground source heat pumps for a very efficient heating system, coordination of the underfloor heating system with other services in the floor such as drainage and water circulation systems, daylighting to promote good working conditions and ideal fish breeding conditions.

Air Conditioning Inspections

We have carried out air conditioning inspections to a large number of hospitals and university campuses over the last five years. Our “can do” attitude has enabled us to work with our clients to deliver compliant reports with minimal input from the client organisation at minimal cost.

Chiller replacement

We regularly provide design services to a maintenance consultancy. We are regularly asked to design replacements for large chiller plants. For this we provide a complete service, specifying builders works, craneage operations and plant supporting structures. Where we can, we ake the opportunity of making improvements to the piping arrangements to improve efficiency.