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ESOS and Energy Advice

The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS)

ESOS is the UK's response to Article 8 of the European Commission's Energy Efficiency Directive - it aims to reduce carbon emissions by large businesses in the UK. Concerns with a turnover exceeding 50M Euros or with more than 250 employees are required to have an energy audit conducted or overseen by an approved Lead Assessor every four years. The first deadline was the 5th December 2015, extended to the 29th January 2016 for those organisations who have notified the Environment Agency that they have started the process.

We are currently helping our clients to meet their obligations under ESOS. 

Energy costs can be a significant part of an organisations overheads and if not efficiently managed can be higher than need be. We can provide a complete service tailored to your needs.

An energy survey would typically comprise:

Where our clients do not have the resources to check and manage utility costs, we can provide a complete management service from initial procurement through to ongoing bill checking and energy reporting.

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